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New Ideas, New Positions

We are now posting a number of job descriptions for position openings in the team based upon the essential functions the team has identified this summer. These positions include the following (click to view a full position description):

Click here to fill out a leadership application and start the process. If you are found to be a qualified applicant, you will be invited to next submit a resume and letter of recommendation, and deliver a short presentation to a selection committee. This presentation, part of a focused interview process, should inform the committee about you and your qualifications for the position, as well as some initial plans you would implement if selected. And please note that these positions are now open until filled.

In the coming months, as the team begins its new projects and programs, the team will also include positions of:

  • Project Leaders (a.k.a. Project Lead. Develop and implement a single, focused operation)
  • Program Directors (Direct development of groupings of projects with a common target)
  • Category Managers (Facilitate development of projects and programs in the team’s five operational categories: Education, Economic Opportunity, Health & Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, and Disaster Relief).
  • Field Station Directors (Direct development and operation of 10-year, targeted operations)

The entire structure of the team is designed to maximize the impact of its operations. Function-based Director and Manager-level positions are designed to support such operations, but it will be the Project Leaders and Program Directors which hold the most power in the team when it comes to planning and implementation.

We’re always on the lookout for new members to our team. If you have any questions about how to get involved, please contact us.

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Now Available on Your Favorite Reader

Now you can stay current with the latest news from the La Sierra University SIFE Team in two new ways! Use the e-mail subscription box on the right side of our homepage to receive a regular e-mail digest, or add our feed to your favorite feedreader by clicking “subscribe” at the top right of our homepage.

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New Positions

We’ve posted five new positions available for viewing by students on our OrgSync community. Position descriptions and an explanation of the application/selection process will be available within the next two days here and on OrgSync. Students can log in today and check out the latest information.

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Join the Team

We are now recruiting students across all academic majors. Take the first step toward official membership in the team and connect with us on OrgSync.

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Think Tank Updates: Episode 2

Episode 2 of our Summer Think Tank Updates is now available. In this episode, we discuss our new Project Development Process, designed to increase our effectiveness and impact, and supporting our new efforts to engage in long-term operations.


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Project Development

Since identifying a series of operational categories this summer (see Think Tank Episode 1), the team has been hard at work refining a fully-functioning process designed to support how we research, propose, select, develop, implement, assess, and improve projects and programs. The result is the cycle displayed above and a series of supporting documents below.

Check back later this week for a full video walk through of this new development in the team. 
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Summer Think Tank Episode 1

We’ve been hard at work this summer, engaging in some intensive strategic planning to develop our team and operations. The following short video is an overview of our latest development: Project Categories.


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Summer Office Hours 2-4:00

We’re open every weekday M-Th from 2-4:00. Drop by and learn more about what we’re up to!

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog. We’re hard at work this summer improving our communication and operational tools and strategies. Please explore our blog to learn more about our team and what we’re up to.

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